Building Resilience

To stand out every organisation, regardless of its size, sector or location, must develop a resilient approach tailored to its core values and strategic direction.

Prevention First

The first step towards resilience is probably familiar to many as the preventative approach of Business Continuity incorporating Disaster Recovery.

However, businesses need to be more flexible moving from preventative into a more proactive state to build an approach suited to an uncertain future focused on:

  • Product and or Service Excellence
  • Process Reliability
  • People Behaviour

Three elements that combine to provide the customer with the best possible overall experience, that builds trust and long-term relationships.

The first step we take is work with a business to consider ‘What might effect the organisation meeting its customer’s requirements and achieving excellent customer experiences at every point of interaction’.

Three key benefits are strategic adaptability, agile leadership and robust governance.

The framework that exists within the Quality Standard IS9001: 20015 is an ideal place to start.

We are extremely happy with the quality and professionalism shown to us by Rob and now have the ability and confidence to respond in a professional manner to customer requests involving Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

Richard Chapman, Financial Controller and BCM Manager, Artisan Press Ltd.

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