Routes to Sustainability

When there is so much information from so many sources flying around, it is sometimes difficult to know what to concentrate on and where to start when it comes to sustainable development.

Coaction Solutions have devised a five-step plan that makes a difference from the word go and allows an organisation to report on progress as it goes.

1. Sustainability Challenge

Through many recent conversations it seems many associate sustainability with climate change and green agenda only. Whereas, sustainability is much more wide ranging in its beneficial effects.

Knowing how to effectively implement sustainable development starts with knowing what sustainability entails.

Therefore, our sustainability challenge is designed to do just that by assessing an understanding and discussing some of the benefits and advantages, whilst making a difference to society in the South West.

2. Present State Assessment

To maximise the effects of sustainable development, organisations need to know what their biggest areas of impact are and focus their efforts on reducing the negative and doing more of the positive.

Therefore, it is important to assess the present state of the organisation in order to measure improvements by looking at the three aspects of sustainability.

  • Economic (Profit) – incorporating the approach taken to quality management, risks, opportunities, governance and business resilience
  • Social (People) – incorporating the approach taken to employees, their engagement, welfare, training and the wider remit of the community and supply chain
  • Environment (Planet) – incorporating aspects of environmental management as required

Using proven frameworks and management tools to ensure a structured and meaningful approach is adopted at an early stage.

3. Priorities & Quick Wins

It is always important to get to get ‘up and running’ quickly to provide the momentum to continue to grow and adapt to sustainable development.

So, we look at priority areas and potential ‘quick wins’ for the organisation in question, which are presently likely to concentrate on subjects such as the climate emergency and reduction of single use plastics, offering support where required.

4. Planning to Embed Sustainability

Using the findings of the present state assessment, we work with customers to create plans based on integrity, honesty and accountability, prioritising the various areas as required.

We make sure each organisation in question understands the approach being taken, tangible and in most cases, measurable benefits that can occur in terms of risk reduction and cost saving.

Whilst ensuring the plan can be easily related to customers and prospective customers during its implementation to build trust and enhance reputation.

5. Developing Solutions

Finally, we tailor our ongoing support to the development plan of the organisation in question to make sure solutions evolve at a pace that suits and introduces the firm foundations for a more stable and inclusive approach to long-term success.

Solutions will of course vary enormously but may include

  • Facilitating Guidelines & Objectives
  • Mapping interrelated processes to minimise risk and save cost
  • Enhancing stakeholder engagement connected to social responsibility
  • Developing a structured approach to environmental responsibility

Continuing to build towards the overall objective of creating well-connected, customer focused solutions (i.e. systems and processes) to develop business ecosystems that are fit for a sustainable future.

Maximising sustainability in the South West

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