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Rob Hines – Managing Director

How did I arrive here?

Having worked for and on behalf of a wide variety of organisations, in varied roles over many years, helping them win and retain more customers, I understand what it takes to put businesses in a better place to meet and exceed their customers’ needs and expectations.

Whether this is connected to their product and service delivery, engagement with other stakeholders, or impact on the society and environment in which they operate.

I believe businesses of all types and sizes, including Micro and Small Enterprises, need to create well-connected, customer focused, Business Ecosystems fit for a sustainable future, in order to strive towards profitable, sustainable and long-term success.

Recent highlight

Returning to live and work in the South West where I was lucky enough to spend the first 25 years of my life.

My values

The values that underpin what I do is a belief that fairness, integrity, honesty and accountability is essential to building trust to achieve long-term and sustainable business success.

Outside of work

I enjoy walking, surfing, gardening and taking in the beauty of the South West, whilst in the quieter moments listening to good music ranging from Blues to Reggae and a whole lot in between, cooking and eating a wide selection of food types and being there for the most important thing in my life, my family.

Gail Dalton Hines – Customer Engagement Manager

How did I arrive here?

I have worked in many different roles over the years, in the travel industry, finance and administration, and dealt with people from all walks of life, often at a senior level within businesses, in the Caribbean, the USA and here in the UK.

In all situations, I have found that customer engagement and relationship building is key to improving communications along with finding structured solutions in challenging situations.

I believe that customer service is an attitude, it is in everything I do and surrounds me everywhere I go.

Recent highlight

Having grown up on farms, moving to Devon has highlighted my love for the country and the simple life that comes with it.

My values

If you are going to do something, do it right! Work hard, be exceptional, focused and accountable, remembering a good sense of humour always goes a long way.

Outside Of Work

I love being beside the sea, will travel miles to find a flea market, take hundreds of pictures, spend hours on creative projects, get lost in a good movie and will move mountains to help someone in need.

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